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Digital Strategist.
Website Designer.
Marketing Technologist.

I am a dedicated online marketing, design and technology leader working with nonprofits, commercial enterprises and government agencies. I build award-winning teams that work at the forefront of digital brand strategy, fundraising campaigns, eCommerce and web presence using proven and emerging technologies to strategically connect my clients with constituents, supporters and customers in useful and meaningful ways.

Website Design


  • Digital Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Creative Direction & Execution
  • WordPress, Drupal, & Squarespace Implementation
  • Web Development & Programming
  • Optimized Responsive Design
  • Hosting & Maintenance
  • Analytics, Monitoring & Reporting

Campaigns & Digital Media


  • Digital Strategy & Planning
  • Content
  • Creative Direction & Execution
  • Implementation
  • Acquisition & Fundraising Campaigns
  • Search & Social Media
  • Analytics, Monitoring & Reporting

eCommerce & Customer Relationship Management


  • eCommerce System Design & Setup
  • eCRM Integration
  • eMail Marketing
  • Events
  • Forms
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Analytics, Monitoring, & Reporting

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Why Only One Page?

Hopefully, you’ve noticed that my new website is essentially one page, affectionately known as a “one-pager”. The only exceptions here are the project profiles and, now, this humble blog. This has become a popular approach over the past few years, whether you realized it or not.


Here’s what I love: Strategizing, creating, and building leading-edge digital experiences. Growing and leading teams of talented and skilled web professionals. Playing guitar and singing. And, of course, raising my children!

I’ve been a dedicated marketing and technology leader for more than 25 years in a wide range of fields, including nonprofits, commercial enterprises and government. For the past two decades, I’ve worked at the forefront of digital marketing and fundraising, Web and interactive media, using proven and emerging technology to strategically connect with constituents, supporters, and customers in useful and meaningful ways. Additionally, I’ve worked in magazine publishing, online publishing, market research and high-tech marketing.

I have strategized, planned and implemented successful digital marketing programs and campaigns for a long list and wide variety of client organizations using best practices and new and cutting-edge tools. In the early days of online Constituent Relationship Management Systems (eCRM) for nonprofits, I partnered with such leading-edge firms as Convio, GetActive, Blackbaud and others to develop revenue-generating solutions for many clients. I have led a long list website builds on leading open-source Content Management Systems, such as Drupal and WordPress, since the time these CMS began to prove their legitimacy for enterprise websites, over ten years ago. My work has received a variety of awards and recognitions, and has resulted in speaking engagements at numerous conferences and seminars.

My objective is to help organizations large and small understand how to best utilize cross-channel strategies in order to develop successful engagements, evolve with digital media, and reach their goals.

  • Leading high-performance strategic, creative & technical teams
  • Web Design, Information Architecture, User-Experience
  • Content Management Systems – CMS (Drupal, WordPress, Squarespace)
  • Online Constituent Relationship Management Systems – eCRM (Engaging Networks, Blackbaud Luminate, Salsa, EveryAction, Salesforce)
  • eCommerce
  • Technology Development & Integration
  • Usability
  • Web Writing & Content Strategy
  • Marketing & Communications Strategy
  • Digital Branding
  • Social Media, Social Networks, Blogging
  • Metrics & Analytics


Jim Jacobs :: Arlington, Virginia, USA

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